Visa Information

For Turkey: Information on visa applications for Turkey

Citizens from certain countries need a visa for travel to Turkey. Please visit this website to reach a list of these countries and all other relevant information:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Turkey

If you are an Automechanika Istanbul 2020 exhibitor, visitor or press member, please contact us.

For Turkey: Information on visa applications for the “Schengen States”

Turkish citizens with regular passports are required to obtain a visa for all types of travel to Germany or all other countries under the “Schengen Agreement.” If you need a visa to participate in a fair in Germany, you may apply to the Embassy of Germany in Ankara or consulate generals in Istanbul and Izmir. You can find detailed information about how to make your visa application on German Embassy or Consulate websites. Please click the links below to get relevant information:

Embassy in Ankara

Consulate General in Istanbul

Consulate General in Izmir


Messe Frankfurt does not provide visitors and buyers with visa invitation letter under the current agreement. A fair entry ticket purchased in advanced and presented with the visa application will serve as an invitation.

Visa information for travel to other countries:

Visa requirements and procedures vary from country to country. General suggestions:

  • Please first visit the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs website of a country you plan to travel. Experience has demonstrated that those official sites are the most reliable source of information.
  • We certainly suggest that you check any information on visa regulations if you have obtained it from non-official service companies such as, for instance, travel or visa agencies. Information from those sources may be outdated or may have changed after the publication date.
  • Always allow sufficient time for the visa application and process. Ideally, you can apply as long as six months in advance. Starting the process as early as possible can save you from a potential lack of time in the final stages of the visa process.

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